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Android calendar not syncing with Exchange server

My boyfriend is using an Android (HTC Desire with Android 2.2) phone because he’s strictly against the current Apple mainstream movement. He has a Small Business Server 2008 in his office and his phone syncs email, contacts and calendars using Active Sync – at least, it should sync.

A few days ago he complained about calendar items not syncing from the phone to his Outlook client. As there are similar problems with the iPhone (see my article “New contacts created on iPhone do not sync with Outlook/Exchange”), I tried to figure out to which database the Android phone stores new calendar items. I noticed that I can only select “Google” and “PC Sync” – but no “Exchange”.

Some deeper digging in the internet showed that other users have the same problem. They describe that the sequence in how the accounts are added to the phone influence if Exchange is showing up in the calendar app or not. Many users solved the problem by completely reseting the phone and to set up the Exchange account before setting up the Google account.

This is not necessary! Here is a solution which works without completely reseting your phone:

  1. Delete the Exchange account under “Settings > Accounts and Sync”
  2. Delete the calendar data by going into Settings, Applications, and selecting both Calendar and Calendar Storage, then “Delete data”
  3. Re-add the exchange account.

Please note that your Exchange calendar won’t be deleted; but if you have items in your local calendar they will be gone after these steps!


24 Responses to “Android calendar not syncing with Exchange server”

  1. Thank you! After a week of pulling my hair out over this, surfing forum after forum, I found this on a Friday night after midnight. I should get out more I know.
    Finally, I can post calendar events from my EVO.

    Posted by Chris | 23. July 2011, 05:12
  2. I also had this issue where it would not sync. I rebooted the phone and all synced fine.

    Posted by Mike | 19. September 2011, 22:34
  3. You are the bomb – that worked GREAT thanks!!!

    Posted by Dave | 7. October 2011, 03:07
  4. Sadly, this didn’t work for me.

    Posted by chris | 12. October 2011, 01:40
  5. Worked for me, thanks for posting!

    Posted by Michael | 29. November 2011, 14:56
  6. did the trick for me,
    I only hope I don’t have to do this every week!


    Posted by Jelle | 1. December 2011, 09:20
  7. This fixed worked for me. I will have to say that if you boyfriend had an iPhone he would not of had this issue since the article you reference above is about contacts and not calendar issues!!! Also the fix you provide for the iPhones contacts is just a settings issue and not a problem with the iPhone. When you have to start to delete data like the for Droid calendar issue that is a problem. Well i support a number of users and over the past couple of years I have little problems like this with the Androids I support and zero problems with the iPhones.

    Posted by Andy | 4. January 2012, 22:02
  8. I am having the same problem in my environment…the only difference is we have Androids, iPhones, Blackberries, Windows Mobile, and iPads and they are all experiencing this problem. Any ideas as to what would cause this calendar sync problem across phone platforms?

    Posted by George | 12. January 2012, 20:53
  9. THANK-YOU!! It worked!! This is the first article that I have found that gives me a fix for the Exchange calendar sync problem on my Samsung Captivate that started over 6 months ago (when I upgraded to Froyo?). Samsung and AT&T sites have been useless for this. I tried Touchdown, but it slowed my phone and turned it into a pocket heater.

    Posted by Eric | 1. February 2012, 18:41
  10. YOU RULE!
    I was losing it with the no sync non sense and this was the cure. Thank you.

    Posted by Matthew | 8. February 2012, 22:17
  11. Finally!!!
    Search everywhere for solution, even working with server administrators for solutions from their end. Thanks.

    Posted by Nick | 14. February 2012, 03:07
  12. Thank you very much … You’re a genius! My Exchange calendar would sync new appointments, but changes would creat a duplicate entry and deleted appointments would just stay put on the phone. Now, all is well on my HTC Incredible.

    Posted by Dan | 15. March 2012, 02:39
  13. thanks. worked like magic!!!

    Posted by present | 9. April 2012, 03:26
  14. Beautiful! Thank you so much for the info! HTC Sense Android Sprint.

    Posted by Roadprincess2008 | 12. April 2012, 13:27
  15. Agreed! Worked perfectly! THANK YOU.

    Posted by Sarah | 24. April 2012, 21:06
  16. Good idea but not functional in all cases. Unfortunatelly my Samsung Galaxy Note blocks calendar sychronization even after deleting all posible databases and accounts. All other elements (contacts, tasks, emails) work and even posting a new calendar event passed trough

    Posted by Pavel posel | 15. May 2012, 18:36
  17. This worked brilliantly! Thanks for the post! I haven’t been able to update my outlook calendar from my HTC Evo for about yr. Woohoo!

    Posted by EP | 6. July 2012, 17:08
  18. This worked for me too on Galaxy S3.

    Problem was that new calender events created in the phone did not sync to exhcange. Events created in Outlook synchronized just fine even before re-creating the account.

    Posted by Timo | 23. July 2012, 09:25
  19. Interesting text,
    Clear instructions,
    Good results (on Samsung Ace).
    Thanks {:-)

    Posted by Guus | 12. September 2012, 21:50
  20. Just worked on EVO 3D. This was giving me fits!

    Posted by Tim | 18. September 2012, 17:43
  21. Awesome! It worked! Thank you for sharing and having so simple without using all the techy language.

    Posted by Gen | 20. September 2012, 20:58
  22. This worked perfectly. Thanks!

    Posted by emin | 7. November 2012, 04:33
  23. OK, now that I have the Android calendar synced up, is it safe to re-add the Google Calendar?

    Posted by Don A in Pennsyltucky | 30. May 2013, 16:15
  24. This issue may create becasue of setting problem.

    Posted by Adin | 25. June 2013, 05:44

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